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Saturday, 23 October 2010

ThinkFun Cover Your Tracks

This review is from: ThinkFun Cover Your Tracks (Toy)
This game is one we take with us when we go out to breakfast at our favorite diner. There are few pieces (read: easy to keep track of, hard to lose) and my kids from 5 on up to adults with us have a good time with the game. Its enjoyable for puzzle lovers and children with good mechanical and spatial ability, and a good challenge for others who need to improve those skills. ThinkFun Cover Your Tracks

ThinkFun What's Gnu

This is a great game for new readers and for readers who need some extra help and practice. As a retired teacher and now a tutor, I'm using this with a second grader who is having trouble with reading. She really enjoys this game and is getting much better at spelling short words, as well as recognizing longer words because of the skills she is learning with this game. I'd recommend this to anyone with a young reader! P.S. It can also be used with older readers just as a fun game by having a time limit to make a certain amount of words. ThinkFun What's Gnu

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

ThinkFun Pete's Pike

If you are looking for toys. Thinkfun ThinkFun Pete's Pike. Kids will  attention toy .parents can work on without having to worry. The child will live near their parents .. thinkfun ThinkFun Pete's Pike is a very good gift. To be with their children during the day near the Christmas season. All  $ 4.25  you can go to get information from this link.ThinkFun Pete's Pike

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Think Fun Math Dice

ThinkFun Math Dice helped my grand daughters, ages 8 & 10, improve their math test scores so much within 1 week that the eldest's teacher called to see what we were doing to help her! Flash cards and drills were so boring, the girls acted as though they were being tortured. They really enjoy this game I love the fact that it will grow with them. Right now, they can add, subtract, and multiply so this is all we use, but we will add other math skills as they are acquired, keeping the game fresh and challenging for years to come! Excellent investment

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ducks In A Row By Thinkfun

This competitive board game is like a wacky version of checkers. Kids will giggle at the colorful beach board and plucky duck characters. After deciding whether they want to be the duck that surfs or the one that water skis, the two opponents face off, and try to be the first to line up four ducks in a row. Players can move up and down, side to side, and diagonally, but they can’t jump themselves or their opponent. A fun strategy game, players have to pay attention to their opponent’s moves, as well as their own. Ducks In A Row

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Think fun Visual Brainstorms

Children who love word games, logic puzzles, secret codes, mazes, and math mysteries will stretch their mental muscles with Visual Brain Storms. This set of 100 cards, each of which includes a humorous, full-color drawing, promises "the world's best brainteaser questions." The characters in the questions often have funny names (Professor Pith Bugby pops up often) or faces or dilemmas to solve. The answers and explanations are on the back of each card, along with a related bonus question. Many of the puzzles involve math concepts, spatial reasoning, logic, or sequential thinking, but some can be solved with plain common sense. Here's a sample: "Frank and Helen's annual singles elimination tennis tournament has drawn 18 players this year. How many matches must be played before there is a winner for the year?" Answer: "Every match will produce one loser, and every person other than the winner will lose once and only once. Eighteen players makes 17 losers; therefore it will take 17 matches to have a tournament winner." Visual Brain Storms is a humorous, painless way to improve those higher-order thinking skills. Visual Brain Storms: The Smart Thinking Game is for one or more players. --Marcie BovetzThink fun Visual Brainstorms

Think Fun Clever Castle

Digg BottomA new pattern matching game from ThinkFun designed specifically with younger kids in mind, Clever Castle provides children with an enriching and fun play experience. Kids use the clues that the King and Queen of Clever Castle have provided to help all nine of the party guests find their rooms. When every princess, knight and dragon finds their assigned room, kids flip the challenge card to see if they are right! With a parent's guide and 40 challenges, graded from Easy to Super Hard, Clever Castle has been specially designed to encourage children to explore, succeed and have fun. Think Fun Clever Castle